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composed by blu.256 on March 29 2021 18:53:37
Space is big. Really big.
You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindboggingly big it is.
-- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Hello! Welcome to my own place on the vast World Wide Web.

Here I intend to publish interesting articles, tips and recommendations touching upon a variety of topics (all in English).

The main topics which will be discussed will be mass media, graphical design and technology.

Now let me present you the different sections of this web-site.

The main webpage of the website. Displays the latest news and blog entries.

Contains some of my projects – that is, a lot of stuff you can play with!

Opinions et cetera.

About me
The restless mind behind this web-site.

Links to some resources I find interesting.

This web-site is lovingly crafted by hand with PHP, basic HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used only when it is absolutely necessary (quite rarely, that is), and the pages which use it should already be marked as such.

In general, I try to avoid unnecessary bloat on this web-site, a plague which unfortunately seems to have spread like cancer over the modern Web.

Progressively I might improve this web-site (mostly styles) to that it looks a little bit nicer. Also, I might improve (at some point) the mobile experience even more.

One last note: I might also start a similar blog in Greek, so stay tuned ;-)


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